WASAC Ltd launches Non-Revenue Water Awareness Campaign at Rugarama Primary School

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WASAC CEO Eng. Aime Muzola rewarded Yasiri Rukundo with 1,000,000 Rwf worth scholarship and bicycle

Kigali, November 10th 2017- Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC Ltd) launches Non-Revenue Water Awareness Campaign at Rugarama Primary School in Nyamirambo. The awareness campaign was initiated to sensitize the public about non-revenue water and the public’s role in curbing non-revenue water in the country. Non-revenue water currently stands at 35% countrywide. This consists of physical loss through leakages and overflow of reservoirs and apparent losses through water theft, errors in meter reading and billing.

The objectives of the Non-revenue water campaign consist of sensitizing the public about NRW; informing the public about their role in reducing NRW and preserving water infrastructures and educating the public about the consequences of causing NRW (Water theft, poor billing) in line with corruption practices.

Yasiri Rukundo trying to stop a leaking pipe in Kigarama Sector

The launch ceremony took place at Rugarama primary school where the students were taught about non-revenue water and their role in reducing it.  One special student received a scholarship due to his noble act, which went viral on social media, a month ago. 8 year-old Yasiri Rukundo was pictured trying to fix a broken pipe, which he found leaking while taking his younger sister to school close to their home in Kigarama Sector.

Jean Paul Kayitare standing in for Non-revenue water Manager teaching Rugarama students about non-revenue water and their role in reducing it

WASAC CEO Eng. Aime Muzola extended his appreciation to Yasiri Rukundo for taking that bold step to fix a broke pipe. He encouraged the Yasiri’s peers to report any issues within the water infrastructure sector and prompted them to be WASAC ambassadors in their villages ‘Imidugudu’. This he underlined as the public’s role in reducing non-revenue water in the city and country at large.

WASAC Ltd has embarked on the Non-Revenue Water Awareness Campaign for the next three months, encouraging the public to report any leakages, water theft, and any malpractices regarding meter reading and billing. They can do so via WASAC Toll Free number 3535 and corruption hotline 0783831414