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Company law established WASAC in 2014 after the separation of EWSA into two distinct private companies: REG for energy and WASAC for water and sanitation. From its establishment, WASAC has strived to become customer-focused water and sanitation utility and a leading stakeholder in addressing water and sanitation challenges in Rwanda.

WASAC has been on the leading edge for achieving the national sector policy and the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2 (EDRPS 2) objectives for the water and sanitation sector. To ensure that we keep on meeting these challenges, fulfil our vision and mission as a structured strategic business plan that was developed and set the path to achieve our goals. The Board of Director at 84% during the fiscal year 2015-2016 has evaluated the implementation of WASAC plans aligned with strategic business plan. The above ranking was mainly attributable to the increasing access of drinking water from 80% to 84.8 % and increase of access to sanitation services to 83.4% from 80% (National Target). Moreover, by implementing successfully the Performance Improvement Program (PIP) water loss has been reduced to 35% from 39% thus increasing revenue collection to 16 billion from 11 billion.

Water production increased to 43,558,705 m3 annually with a contribution of Nzove II from March 2016 whereas the network has been extended by 153 km in urban and 463 km in rural areas. By the end of 2017, WASAC will meet the Kigali city water demand of 105,000 m3/daily with the completion of New Nzove water treatment plant which will add 40,000 m3 to the 90,000 m3 produced by Nzove 1 combined to 40,000 m3 produced by Kimisagara and Karenge water treatment plants and WASAC will be producing a total of 145,000 m3/daily.

I am honoured to report that for the first time WASAC managed to produce its own financial statements after a long struggle of separating financial data from REG. In addition to that we succeeded to re-implement Oracle system to have our own ERP system.

In conclusion, WASAC has laid out a roadmap to achieving universal access by 2018 and we will continue to dignify life.

I look forward to ensuring WASAC provides 100% access to clean water by 2020 countrywide.


Eng. Aime Muzola

WASAC Chief Executive Officer