WASAC, ChinaAid expand clean water supply in Eastern Province

Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) in collaboration with China Aid extended clean water supply to the residents of the Eastern Province in Rwanda through 200-Borehole-Well Project.

The project which started in December 2019, and expected to end in August 2022 targeted the Districts of the Eastern Province, and 2 districts of the Southern Province which are Kamonyi and Muhanga.

The approach consists of establishing solar-powered boreholes and hand pump boreholes. Amongest 200 boreholes, 170 consist of hand pump for water supply, 10 consist of solar powered, while 20 consists of groundwater monitoring wells.

The Groundwater monitoring wells will not serve for fetching, they will be recording on daily basis some parameters such as ground water recharge, temperature, electrical conductivity that shall help to closely follow up the fluctuation of the groundwater being used in terms of quantity and quality so that appropriate measures can be early taken in cases of abnormal changes.

“Getting clean water is a relief; we used to fetch dirty water from the swamps, and sometimes sharing it with animals,” Esperance Uwamahoro, a resident of Cyinzovu cell, Kabarondo Sector in Kayonza District said.

The project provided a solar powered borehole to Groupe Scolaire Rwinkwavu located in Kayonza District, with more than1400 students. Magnifique Habimana, the Headmaster of the School said that they have been facing water shortage, especially in dry season and it was difficult for them to get water to use.

“We have been using workers to fetch water for the school. It was a burden to get water for cooking and cleaning, and it could result to delaying meals. We are thankful for the borehole provision”, Habimana said.

Vincent de Paul UMUGWANEZA, the Director of Rural water supply services at WASAC said that using boreholes will be a sustainable solution to the scarcity of clean water in the Eastern province.

“The Eastern Province has few springs. So boreholes which take water from the ground will serve communities in drought and rainy seasons,” He said.

Mr. Chen Jinke, The team leader of the project on behalf of China Engineering Corporation (CGC), the company undertaking the implementation of the project says, they chose to support Rwanda as a developing country and bring the Chinese experience as they also use boreholes in their country.

“China and Rwanda enjoy excellent relations and the borehole project is one such example that comes to strengthen the good relations by supplying clean water to the people”, Said Chen

The 200-Borehole-Well Project was implemented at the cost of Rwf8Billion, and targets 190,000 people.