Rwanda National Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation master plans disseminated

Kigali 27th June 2022. From the 24th of May 2022 to the 9th of June 2022, Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) Ltd disseminated the provisions of National integrated water supply and sanitation master plans to showcase the various water supply and sanitation's projects that will be implemented in various provinces.

The dissemination was conducted at provincial level through meetings with various stakeholders that include the Governors, Mayors, Vice mayors, district water engineers, Sector executives, Governor and WASAC Branch managers in the respective provinces. All the participants in these consultative meetings gave their inputs on the master plans for consideration.

The main objective of these National integrated water supply and sanitation master plans is to provide the Government of Rwanda with long term Master plans up to 2050 and 10 years’ investment plans for water supply and sanitation that will allow the identification and implementation of effective development of water supply and sanitation infrastructure and services.

The project contains two main project outputs which are the National Comprehensive Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plans including an approved list of prioritized and integrated water supply and sanitation investment projects agreed by all stakeholders, and the second one will be Training to stakeholders in relevant areas to improve their capacity to sustainably manage and implement water supply and sanitation projects and systems.

The project was sponsored by the African Development Bank through a Grant Agreement worth € 1,950,894 signed between the Bank and the Government of Rwanda on 17th February 2017. The money will be used for the development of National Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plans and the Feasibility studies identified under Master Plans which include;

The feasibility and detailed studies for selected studies such as Feacal Sludge Treatment Plans for HUYE, MUHANGA, BUGESERA Cities and Upgrade, extension and the new studies of water supply system for Rwamagana City, Nyamata and for BURERA District. In additional to that, the feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Nyaruguru, Huye and Gisagara Water Supply System, aimed to produce 78,000 m3/day from Akanyaru River to serve around 1,200,000 people, and the feasibility Study and detailed Design for Akagera Water Supply System, to cover the Kayonza District and a part of Gatsibo and Ngoma Districts, with a production capacity of 45,000m3/day to serve around 700,000 people.