Nyabahanga Water Treatment Plant addresses water scarcity in Karongi Town

Nyabahanga Compact Water Treatment Plant brought sustainable solution to water challenges in Karongi Town.

The plant came as a quick solution to support Kanyabusange Water Treatment plant, which was not capable to supply regular water to Karongi Town. The plant has a capacity to produce 2000 cubic meters per day while the existing one, Kanyabusage with a low capacity of only 1000 cubic meters per day could not satisfy Karongi residents and hotels.  

The Branch Manager of Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) in Karongi District, Mwikarago Justin explained how the acquisition of Nyabahanga Water treatment plant improved water supply in Karongi District. He said:  “We used to conduct water rationing for the residents and the hotels. Residents could get water once in a week and hotels used to be supplied in the morning and evening. But after the installation of the new plant, hotels have full access to clean water and residents get it 5 days in a week".

Kabano Pierre Celestin, the Manager and owner of Romantic Hotel applauded WASAC‘s efforts to address water shortage in hotels as it was affecting service delivery in Hotels.

“We were not getting water regularly, and it effected our services. Following the installation of the new plant, we have regular water supply. We have water seven days a week and our customers use clean water whenever they need it,”Kabano cited.

Mutangana Simon, the customer services Supervisor at Musaya Hotel located nearby the Lake Kivu said: “It was a horrible experience for a Hotel to have poor water supply. It affected our service delivery. We were losing customers due to water challenges, but now the issue has been fully addressed, we get enough water to use.”   

NYIRANZABANDORA Ruth, one of the residents of Kiniha Cell of Bwishyura sector who manages a water tap, narrates how water shortage issue was rampant in her neighborhood before getting enough clean water from Nyabahanga Water Treatment Plant.

“People used to spend many hours on long queues to fetch water because water was not sufficient here. Some parts of the town could not get water due to rationing, but we now have enough and regular water supply which helps us to improve hygiene and prevent water borne diseases,” She said.

The Construction of Nyabahanga Compact Water Treatment Plant is under the project of “Quick Win water supply reinforcement System in Karongi District. The project implemented by WASAC from January 2021 up to March 2022, resulted into the construction of 13.5 Km pipline, the construction of 400 m3 reservoir, the installation of pumping station and it is expected to serve about 37500 residents from Karongi District.