The upgraded Nzove - Ntora water transmission pipeline to improve clean water Supply in Kigali

Residents of different parts of Kigali which include, Gisozi, Batsinda, Gasanze, Kagugu, Gacuriro, Kibagabaga, Kinyinya, Nduba, Nyarutarama and so many other places facing water scarcity are set to access stable and clean water supply from the upgraded Nzove - Ntora water transmission pipeline.

The new pipeline is under strengthening of Nzove-Ntora principal water transmission pipeline project which is set to be completed in July 2023. Upgrading works on the 9.36 km pipeline from Nzove Water Treatment Plant to Ntora reservoirs was funded by the Japanese Government and will cost over Frw 22 billion.

Innocent Gashugi, the Manager of Water Operations Services at WASAC, said that he upgrading works on the Nzove-Ntora transmission pipeline will increase the amount of water distributed by the existing pipeline from 35,000 cubic meters to 87,000 cubic meters per day. With 900mm diameter, the new pipeline will be the biggest pipeline in Rwanda, He added.

The key project works also include the construction of water distribution networks from Ntora reservoirs, a pumping station and a 200m3 elevated tank. Ntora reservoir has the capacity of 10,000 cubic metres. The tank will improve water supply to the people living in nearby areas of Ntora reservoirs who have been facing water shortage or disruption. The construction of water distribution network from Ntora to Gasanze – Birembo to Kigali Special Economic Zone has started while other networks are planned to start this month.

Nzove water treatment plant currently supplies 61,000 cubic meters of water per day, while it has capacity of producing 105,000 cubic meters per day. The new Nzove- Ntora Pipiline is one of highest priority projects of Water Supply for the City of Kigali to meet increasing water demand. It is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Government of Rwanda’s target to achieve universal access to clean water by 2024.