Water Supply Projects in Gicumbi District to benefit more than 85,500 residents

Gicumbi on 09th May 2023, about 85,578 Gicumbi residents from Nyankenke, Kageyo, Rutare, Muko, Giti, Rwamiko, Nyamiyaga and Miyove Sectors got access to clean water in the span of 5 years following the completion of different water projects.

Those projects for the construction, the reinforcement and extensions of water supply systems of 186.68 km, were implemented by WASAC in partnership with World Vision - Rwanda and Gicumbi District. They include the construction of Kageyo Water supply system of 36.9 km which was inaugurated on 9thMay 2023 by the Acting CEO WASAC, UMUHUMUZA Gisele and Mr Edgar Sandoval Sr, President and CEO of World Vision of United States of America among other officials.   

In his speech Mr Edgar Sandoval Sr appreciated the partnership with the Government of Rwanda and expressed their commitment to continue supporting the country in the areas of water access and sanitation.

“As a father of three girls, having access to clean water is close to my heart. Because it's the girls and women that suffer the most. We shall not stop supporting until the only burden children have to carry is their books. Thanks to our partners and the local communities”, He said.

Residents are grateful to have water access as they have been facing challenges of water scarcity especially in dry seasons.

"We used to walk a long distance to fetch water down the hills and that water was not clean compared to what we have now. We thank World Vision and WASAC for water provision. We can now find water in 200 m, while we used to spend hours looking for it”, said Jean Damascene Twagirayezu, a resident of Mugomero Village in Kageyo Sector.

“We used to fetch dirty water from rivers on long distance, it was difficult to find water for domestic use and for our livestock, but we now have many water taps near our homes. Our children no longer miss classes or be late. Having water access improved our hygiene and sanitation” Twagirimana Damien from Muhondo Cell of Kageyo Sector narrated.

Gisele Umuhumuza, the Ag. CEO of WASAC, urged residents to take care of the water infrastructures provided to them to ensure sustainability.

“The most important thing is to preserve the water infrastructures that we build, in collaboration with all our partners and local communities. It won’t be good to see damaged infrastructures just in two or three years while they could last a long time”, she said.

According to the Mayor of Gicumbi District, Mr Emmanuel NZABONIMPA, clean water access rate within 500 m in Gicumbi, stands at 95% from 9% in 2019.

In partnership with WASAC, World Vision has now reached its target of providing clean water to one million Rwandans.