Capacity Building Trainings for WASAC Staff Members and External Stakeholders

Last week on Friday 12th July 2022, WASAC concluded on a series of trainings that were given to various WASAC staff members and some of the External stakeholders.

These trainings started last year in December 2021 and a total of 450 people have been trained on various topics in their respective fields of operations. WASAC has taken this activity as one of its obligation to help its staff members and some external stake holders like private operators to acquire different skills that will enable the institution to offer better and improved services to esteemed customers.

The last group of staff members that were trained included District Support Engineers & Operators who were equipped with skills in water management and designs for water supply & sanitation, these skills will help them effectively manage water supply & sanitation facilities.

These trainings were all conducted by AESA East Africa a consulting firm that assists its clients to identify and respond to opportunities in the fields of Rural Development, Environment and Climate Change / Natural Resource Conservation, Economic Development and Social Development.