WASAC Group enhanced clean water access for more than 120,000 residents by renovating water networks

WASAC Group transformed the lives of over 120,000 individuals across various districts of the country by restoring 33 water supply systems, spanning a total distance of 294.957 kilometers. The rehabilitation initiative, which commenced in February 2023 and concluded in September 2023, targeted districts such as Muhanga, Ruhango, Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, Rusizi, Nyamasheke, Nyabihu, Rutsiro, Gakenke, Burera, and Kayonza.

 These districts had been grappling with water scarcity due to outdated water supply systems and natural calamities like flash floods and landslides, which disrupted water provision. However, following the rehabilitation, residents expressed immense gratitude for finally gaining access to uninterrupted clean water services.

Nsengiyumva Jean Claude, a resident from Kigenge Cell, Nzahaha Sector, Rusizi District, benefitted from the rehabilitation of the Rusayo-Rwimbogo-Nzahaha and Ryabareke water supply systems. He attested to the remarkable improvement in accessibility to clean water, with the installation of a public tap near their homes.

Similarly, in Mushonyi Sector of Rutsiro District, the rehabilitation of four water supply systems, including "Akaliba ka Ruganzi," had a profound impact, as witnessed by Iradukunda Providence and other beneficiaries from Mubuga Village, Kaguriro Cell, Mushonyi Sector, who were elated with the ease and reliability of the newfound water source.
Niyibizi Renatha, a public tap operator from Rukurazo Village, Rusovu Cell, Nyarusange Sector in Muhanga District, shared the positive impact of the rehabilitated Mutara-Gasumo-Rusovu and Kaseke water supply systems. She highlighted the substantial reduction in waterborne diseases and the improved well-being of the community, especially the children, who are no longer suffering from intestinal worms.

Rehabilitated water supply systems have proven beneficial for schools

Pastor Kabalisa Jean Marie Vianney, the Headmaster of G.S Muhehwe, which accommodates more than 1000 children, noted that the previous water network used to experience frequent leaks. He expressed that the situation has drastically improved, with the school now having consistent access to clean water. This has facilitated meal preparation and improved hygiene in the classrooms and kitchen, making it easier for the children to access drinking water.

Similarly, Sahabo Faustin, the Headmaster of G.S Karugarika in Rutsiro District, emphasized the improvements resulting from the water network rehabilitation. Previously, students used to arrive late at school while searching for water, and there were long queues at the tap. However, after the rehabilitation, hygiene in the kitchen and toilets has greatly improved, and the school now has sufficient water for cleaning the classrooms multiple times a week”

Ndagijimana Louis Munyemanzi, the Vice Mayor of Rusizi District in charge of Economic Development, expressed gratitude for the positive impact of the partnership with the WASAC Group. He noted that the rehabilitation of the water supply systems has benefitted 33,000 residents of Rusizi, providing them with improved access to clean water.
Mugwaneza Vincent de Paul, the Director of Water Supply at WASAC Development Ltd, a subsidiary of the WASAC Group, underlined that the rehabilitation of 33 old or damaged water supply systems is part of the annual plans to restore water systems across the country to ensure consistent water supply. He also urged residents to take responsibility for maintaining the water infrastructure provided to them.